Sunday, January 4, 2009


This is how that which was formerly THE SAGA OF THE SOLEMN, but now rechristened as CUSTARD CUISINE starts. For the sake of continuity, try looking at my old post named THE DEVIL'S WORDS. This is where the Satanic Sprite speaks :)


(Sequence starts with complete darkness with flashes of what appears to be a totally insane location, that looks like a pub, but is too elaborate, too crowded and too unruly to be called one. There are 64 tables, and the floor was checked black and white, with the tables being in inverted colours. On the ceiling was a huge sculpted portrait of possibly the most devilish thing ever engraved: The Satanic Sprite. And it speaks, without motion of lips, of course! And as it speaks, its voice dull in the backgroud, there seems to be an inner battle for consciousness in the body of one whose eyes are our current camera: Brother Joel. And his looks are almost totally dark, except for the time when he looks straight ahead, staring at what is definitely not alive, and neither was it dead. The reason was simple: It never existed, not even spectrally…)

(Rozario… Rozario, the rogue…)

(And Joel addresses him as he speaks)

(”Cause losers”… going in the background)

JOEL: (Voice as low as a whisper, though its pitch suggests a yell behind it)


(There’s strained silence)

JOEL: (Exasperatedly)

You want my cupcake?

(There’s silence again)

JOEL: (Trying to be more explanative but still his vision is as bad as it was a couple of moments before)

You can’t ask for my cupcake! Well, you’ve got your own, and yeah, I know you can’t have and eat yours at the same time, but it’s pretty darn indecent to ask for mine-

(Interrupted, but it was Joel who speaks again amidst distant giggles and “Ooh”s)

JOEL: (Trying to rid his head of unconsciousness, his visibility improves, but all that he still sees is darkness with light trying to take a peek through the corners)


You mean it’s not my cupcake?

(Background giggles subside to silence)





(Giggling raises till it surpasses previous levels and catcalls mount)


You want my Custard…?

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