Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...esrever ni dlot yrots A - OiRAZoR

Judge for yourself: I needn't explain much on this one. This is a love story: A love story in reverse. A sad love story in not just reverse but a two-way love story to be precise. It makes sense both ways, and quite well that too. Interpretations would reveal what plot unfolds in either direction, but I show to you only a part of my poem, because it's not everyday you see such a poem shape up. I could have done a different plot, but it would become too complex and for the time being, this is my version of ROZARIO... A later version would probably cover something grotesque and fit for contemporary consideration :P


His anatomy subject to churn

Gladness’d have his spirit shook

At the slightest sign of a return

To his hundred thousandth look

He had never read the book

A tyro’s guide to good romance

What if his hand she took?

What if he had a real chance?!

Thoughtful, but in no trance

Flooded full was his mind

Prompting his wits to dance

Of all splendour did she remind

Thankful that he wasn’t blind

Devout, she had him convert

The female of the fourth kind

Made explosive, a person inert

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