Saturday, January 10, 2009



I guess I’ve been a

little low for long;

I haven’t got

the slightest clue,

If this notion of mine

about me is true,

‘cause I don’t know

where it went wrong;

I don’t know what too…

My past had passed

in the blink of an eye,

a fall from the sky;

I found myself lying with

my face on the ground –

no sign of speech,

no sign of sound;

I never thought that

I’d come around…

Splash of second breath,

from the brink of death,

I gasped my way

back into the world;

My spirits soared,

No fear did I hoard!

I saw it all

through my

weary eyes;

Sanity swirled…

Stopper your bottles,

Don’t sigh, don’t shout!

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Just spread a bit out;

Would serve if you

simply stood to see,

The one, the only

The Ascent of me…

My auto-coach!

Thank you for the music,

those words that you said,

you made me see red;

“Your life leads you nowhere,

but your destiny’s there,

Don’t ever think

that you’re underfed!

If it ever wants to get

a strike off its shot,

the bullet needs to part,

And you need to get out

of your bloody bed!!!”

I’d finally found the

way out of my head…

Tout out to all as

loud as loud can be,

What you’re in for is

a one-man show, truly!

Don’t bother to pay

when you’re asked

no fee, to see;

The one, the only,

The Ascent of Me…

You never can hide,

and it’s sheer suicide,

to face my face while

I still stand strong;

So better tag-along!

You’d see for yourself

how deep I dare,

You’d feel my flare;

My stirring stare…

Talk about experience!

Life has had its lot

to bestow, upon me;

I’ve played my push-ups,

and touched the ground

below: I’d fallen free!

Done with a couple of sets:

And now, And now,

And now it’s round three!

And I’m ready,

To go!

I’m ready to go again!

With the world

all prepared to blow,

no strain!

I’ve got no pressure,

and I’m gonna

feel no pain!!!

Nothing to restrain!

No chains to stop me

From breaking free;

This is my red alert,

If you don’t want

to get yourself hurt,

be prepared,

for I’m gonna be me


I’m gonna be

what I was

in my sane days,

who I am

I’d trace, back to the

way that I think

I have to be;

I’m gonna be me,

all over again…


Pearl said...

I kind of like this. You are young and believe in your power, which is how it should be. Don't lose that cockiness. :-) The world is open to those who have both the talent and the drive to create their visions!

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Effects instantaneous!!! Ma'am I never believed you'd come to my blog :) Anyway thanks for those words. I've got a history behind this stack of verses :D