Saturday, January 17, 2009


My entry for our SAARANG 2009 online creative writing event, linking LUST, CAUTION and BUTTERFLIES.. Hope I made sense, and hope I did justice.. And I most certainly hope this would win me something :)


There was a point when

I saw my destiny’s stare,

as I lurk out of

my murky lair;

Incredulity: Though

I feared no find

by a feline foe,

the lion in me chose

to keep its nose

close to the ground;

Stealing surly stares

from all around…

It took its time, and so did I

to see if all was fair;

Pulling off one long sniff,

my head stabbed the air;


Sitting by the stench

of the departed so far,

fragrance strangely

did fit fine with me;

“So does the sight that

my eyes now see…”

I stand in a grass-land;

Tiny tot, measly spot

in a blanket of light,

weeds of blinding height,

pelicans in flight,

and a whole haul that

made meek my might;

A man’s fight, I did fight,

to retain my breath,

for I faced death

a second, solid time;

Waste of hard work,

without a lone perk,

I saw my life sublime;

Mere Martyr-Mime…

Committing no crime,

she had me curtsy low,

scraping the sand below,

with my Vanity denied!

“O ode to ogle-dom!

I solicit thee to show,

How thou beat thy blow,

And thy slave shalt abide…”

She drifted to my side;

A tetra-tinted streak

across sunlit space,

I felt my heart race,

craving for a graze,

ecstatic to see her seek

the front of my face;

And she left a trace!

Ashamed I felt!

Tender than any touch

that I have ever felt,

have dominatingly dealt

upon an unwilling crowd;

She lifted my shroud!

Fierier than my ire,

the flame of desire,

extinguished at ease;

by a bit of her breeze…

Cupid’s dear dove;

Loaded me with what

I luxuriously lack,

got me back on track;

I firmly resolved to love

Steadfast was my stride,

To the Queen of my

packed pride: My Bride;

Sadness swept aside…

Bedazzling bright, I cite

geysers from my heart,

words poised to part

in form of this rhyme;

In shorter than a trice,

she snapped my guise,

I still see myself sublime;

A frolicsome fizz,

In ethereal bliss,

Prancing past my prime…

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