Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm not Burton, and this isn't horror I write about. A musical. A screenplay, short one that's a bit lyrical, more or less. Hope you enjoy the first few moments of it :)


(Straight road – highway. Fast moving wheels, two, three, four, six, eight, more. Youth sitting inside one such speeding, white, small car, tourist vehicle. Sits right at the centre of the back-seat, pensive. Music playing low in the background – radio. Racy music, yet low in sound, quiet. Driver minding just his job. Windows shut, air conditioners on:

Plain silence…)

I’ve never been able

to explain, the pain

of falling in love…

Scintillating a sensation,


Beyond human ration…

You do try

to figure out why

you feel that tortuous

jab about your gut;

But, sometimes

you ask your,

insubstantial core,

as I ask mine now…

“Could this be love…?”

(Darkness – Total black, as compared to the previous Black and White combination. Closure of eyes of the protagonist to indicate the shift of scene, a touch of memories passing right before his eyes – events of the day, for he stood at the end of it. Could even be a couple of days; or a week… But still, it’s a flashback.)


Meenakshi Janga said...

Got a deja-vu feeling while reading it. Can somehow totally relate to those few lines of poetry. Beautifully penned down.

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Maybe.. You know if you felt so about this one, maybe you ought to read a more creative piece of mine like ROZARIO which is a love story in reverse, or maybe even my recent SUN-EYED GIRL... :)

Thanks anyway, MJ :D