Thursday, January 8, 2009


Here's a humpback ride to the land of the blind. It's quite a big song, so I'm showing you just a tiny little part. It's from my latest proposed collection, that relates to the difficulties of a normal man stranded on an island that has nothing but blind people. Sounds fun? Tragic? Well don't get too judgmental then :P


“I see that you are

a fish out of water,

I’m Samuel Potter,


‘Been weeks since my

last sight of land,

even of foreign sand;

I guess I’d be glad

if you’d give me a hand…”

“Or a fin…”

I asked him to sit tight

as I took him for a spin…

I sensed that he felt his

lungs set to burst,

Flooded with water that

will quench no thirst,

at first…

A while after, I heard

him, practically squeal,

“Frivolous do I feel!

Believe me, of all the

speed I have seen,

Speed Racer or McQueen;

An array of supersonic

vehicles I have tried,

none can compare

to this humpback ride!!!”

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