Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Latest additions to my list of self-written. In short: Poems I wrote. Songs actually. Except that as I told already I don't know music. So to the list of PRETTY GIRL, *MARTYR*, GOODBYE KISS, here go: SORRY, LADY LUCK... and THE WOMAN IN RED... Hope you love the twin addition :)

the WOMAN in RED


I periodically peek

at the shoe-flower bloom,

outside my room,

leaning on liberation

from my gloom…

I know!

I maniacally make

a hell of noise,

in pitiful poise,

all aware that I can’t

beat the solar choice…

In pride, in glory,

in Satan’s base,

seeing Barium blaze,

in streaks at every

Schumacher race…

that failed to amaze…

But the moment that

I saw the front of her face;

I felt my mistake…

Choked on cherry cake…

Sorry, Lady Luck...

Fresh from the fall

off S.S. Relation…

Could’ve done with

some patience,

Docking at some stations,

I’ve committed a

personal crime…

Would’ve been better

with a bit of

the thief of time!

I still feel the touch of you

on me, my Lady…

But take it back,

leave me on my track,

I’m just another loner:

Sadder than a stoner…

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