Thursday, December 18, 2008


Didn't actually take me so long to conceptualize this thing, seeing that I never did it! Yes, I didn't conceptualize anything in this poem, except for the fact that it has to be about Romeo dying or Romeo living or Romeo being immortal. And here the poem (Or a song: I was thinking seriously this time about a Guns & Roses or a Green Day song with the voices of their lead singers echoing in my head!) is, fully formed, 149 lines long, with a refrain of "Romeo" and "die" with must or mustn't or shan't or shall or whatever forming the lines (If you look carefully you'll know I forgot my grammar!!!) Anyway, ROMEO MUST DIE is a poem, again, that I enjoyed pretty much though I hate to draw comparisons with MY OTHER WORKS whatelse?!! This is, and I can promise it is, another really original work of mine, that boasts of brands old whiskey, in a rejuvenating cocktail... :) BTW! This is just a part of the poem (song) and for the rest... Well I need to display my other posts here too shouldn't I? And I need space for that!!!


“Love, you didn’t catch up,

I had to use some Ketchup,

To distract,

at my very sight;

And I did it right!”

“I caught no bullet,

Quite good is my gullet!

I told death,

‘Not tonight’;

And I was quite right!”

“But you are wrong, love,

Sweet was your song, love,

Wipe your tears,

Before they dry;

Romeo will not die!”

A castle in Spain;

Just felt that he heard,

That she said every word,

But nothing did he gain!

There it came again!

The thought that she spoke,

That her lips did poke,

Prickled on his pain!

“Romeo, my good man,

Live long you should, man!

For the flag,

of our love to fly;

Romeo must not die…”

Wore a smile of chagrin,

Showing his sword his grin,

To his love,

he chose not to lie;

“Now, Romeo will die…!”

A great goodbye he bade,

Sticking to the blade,

Through to his

back did it slide!

His devotion personified!