Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is what I call my ultimate epic. Possibly my longest story-poem ever and I doubt even DEATH AND THE MAIDEN (Again, one of mine!) will cross half its length, but let's not make any predictions!!! What I flash here is not even a part of a poem: It's an introduction and I am extremely happy to say that this time, I have crossed 400 lines of my poem THE APOCALYPSE which is soon to be followed by THE REDEMPTION that are part of a story called THE AVENGER: RISE AND NO FALL... I expect it to hit 1000 lines. Not gonna be a record, but it sure is a personal feat all the same! And I promise this is nothing like I have ever written. In fact, it's my first venture into being abstract, and as surreal as the classics...



A sheet out of sardonic Nostradamus:

One with its vacancy unmarred;

Empty entendres that escaped no tongue,

Domains of documents unscarred;

Flamboyant is this fantasy flux,

Cruising across an insignificant locale;

An Abyss loaded further with voids,

As entire as ailments of the hale;

But standpoints sure need mention,

Where assessments should be made;

For shudder needn’t, the good shovel,

To pronounce a spade a spade;

Not obligatory, not diffidently though,

A novel narrator do we employ;

A bit of a creative dreamer than ever,

In earthly lexis, we term him a boy…

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