Saturday, October 25, 2008


Finally! A short poem from me!!! It's not really a complete poem: It's part of a poem saga I planned to write, and that saga is something I've never ventured into. Something that's quite explicit to be going about with. I would say it is for you to judge, and it is upto me to do the writing... :) Enjoy


Owt odd is there about towns?

Owt odd can there be?

Naught about towns that overflow

Out of mediocre sea…

But the force’s occupancies do exist,

Those crafted and not evolved;

Not insane it is to forebode then,

That the fraternity could very well be odd…

One of that kind we investigate now,

Not because choose we want to;

For the town chose us and not we it,

So comply we do, without thought two.

No inkling of ill will, for honoured we are,

To know of that forlorn town;

One that brims with out-of-the-way tales,

To rejoice our devout drown.

Arise do arteries out of its ripe heart,

Ordained to reach beyond yonder;

Serenades of blood and worldly memoirs,

On cruise to make minds all wander.

Browsing from chasms to the endless void,

Every little grain of life’s expanse;

Not to mention the never-ending nap,

Leaving the multitude in total trance.

But corporeal are chronicles, they do age,

Stale and out-dated they become;

For today’s decree is history tomorrow,

Fleeting is the fizz of French Rum.

But flourish or fail, the machinery might,

Endure will one sole tale do;

Not because it’s special (All tales are!)

But because this one’s too good to be true!!!


meenakshi said...
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Meenakshi Janga said...

Otherwise well-written, Most of ur poems have a common trait n that is- the overusage of 'Flowery convoluted words'. Found my attention ebbing away every now n then(n that wsnt becoz of d length of d content).

But nevertheless, d feel of d poem is conveyed.

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Sure ma'am.. Because I have a problem of identification already, and by word! You've almost gone through the whole of my blog :)
That's freaking awesome!!! Thanks :)