Sunday, December 21, 2008


I haven't even read Ngugi's work to comment which is more poignant. And yes, Weep not, child is a novel written by the man, and I didn't strip him off his tale I'm damn sure. My best poem ever: A solid 360 lines. It stirs me every time I read, and yeah I hope you enjoy its...

I'm giving you only its start. The end is quite intricate :)
Hope you have fun


“No need to father man,

Not denying we can!

There’s zilch a boy can’t do;

We’ve walked on the moon,

And we’ve flown a balloon,

A lot more we’ve grown into!

Heard women protest,

They absolutely detest,

Their use, by a man as his toy;”

He said with a smile,

“At least for a while,

I dare them to live as a boy!”

“Panthers in a cage,

With the world to enrage,

Care to loosen us a tad?

Oh, you have no power,

To cross the blocking tower,

Oh yes, I speak of my Dad!

Three times as old,

Fits me in his mould,

Fads upon me does he thrust;

No chance for any tryst,

He keeps me in his fist,

Saying trust him, I must;”

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