Thursday, December 18, 2008


This is what I consider to be my fastest poem ever: 85 lines in 35 minutes of time: Spanning from 8:15 to 8:50 AM on the sixth of December and this feat: This thing was inspired by just one little happening. The coming of the greatest footballer ever to one town that's completely offbeat to him. Well, city actually (Kolkata!) and it was basically one photograph. The photograph that you see, that made me write it. It rhymes (Basically it's the rhyme of my poem that makes me look childish and I know that. Maybe people ought to develop their vocabulary a little more before they speak but I don't care!). And yeah, that's it. This is just the last part of the poem, the part concerning his Indian visit. There are more inspiring lines before it, but I just thought I'd include those related to the photograph posted.
And as a result of the photograph and a string of other factors like the simultaneous broadcast of Nenjukkul Peidhidum (Vaaranam Aayiram) among other songs in the time, I ended up becoming more teary than Diego himself. Well anyway, what is a common boy's tears compared to a celebrity's? That's the world, and hope you have an interesting read...


And now stands the man at this ‘place’,

One he’s never been to in his days;

On top of his allotted cab he stood,

Making himself look as tall as he could;

He looks around only to lose count,

Even the heavens did the trekkers mount;

A hundred-thousand-plus gyrating his name,

People who loved the man more than his game;

They couldn’t control the crowd, he his emotion,

Confounded crazy was he by this commotion,

The levitation of twin arms did then follow,

Scream the crowd did, forgetting to swallow;

In such a shining moment they didn’t really care,

Hearing the lion roar, right inside his lair!

Except that he couldn’t now, choked was he,

The only one to surface the celebrity sea!

That boys don’t cry, the man did know,

To hide his eye-water, a smile did he show!

Broader than the Amazon, of the land he hailed

From, one that will forever be nailed,

In the hearts of all who showed up to see,

Possibly the greatest star of the century;

He didn’t float; he didn’t sting like a bee,

He just continued being what he is usually;

If timeless be the fame of Lisa and Mona,

Even enduring is that of DIEGO MARADONA

So miraculously magical is was to see him cry,

One that would last forever, letting time die…

I walk out of the show as I solemnly dream,

That I too am winning such a ream!

‘Well that’s not even as real as it may seem!’

Say I to me, when I rebelliously beam:

“WHY NOT?!!”


Anishplainandsimple said...

After scanning through the first few posts, this was the first that I endeavoured to read. Enjoyable in verse, and some fine expressions used. So I guess the others must be just fine as well, though I still may not exactly read them :p

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Well a smooth simple way to say that love's not your game to play eh? Seriously man, you ought to try those. I'm a romanticist. Not fanatic :D:D:D:D jk sorry :)