Monday, May 4, 2009


My first song with a feminist point of view, for my short story of the same name (That's halfway through now). I'm happy about this one, as ever...


‘Oh Junebug…!

you liven up a mild mildew,

eating on the lush-green tree, in me,

ever since I’d been bitten by you…

Just wait…

you’d eventually make it through;

‘cause no constraint is this cocoon,

and it’s just a matter of time,

before you bid it adieu…’

‘Well, I’m glad that you’ve still got fire,

but I feel bad that it

doesn’t work as you desire;

it’s not gonna help if you stay inside, curled;

bold or with a reconnaissant reek,

along comes the world…’

‘I just wish you’d live like a bird, my lady,

I hope to sneak a chance from the sly;

Together, we’d make a sun

to scorch the shady,

Come Ladybird, we’d try the sky…’

‘Countless prose, poetically written,

adjectives in one too many a word;

an equal amount of romanticists smitten,

by the load of greatness encountered;

it’s not just that you are hot (it’s not!),

but there’s a vital need to substantiate,

to make a legend out of the long shot…’

‘I want you to live like a bird, my lady,

not satisfied to be a substandard ally;

you yourself can make a sun

to scorch the shady,

so Ladybird, go and try the sky…’

‘now the time is yours, this year of A.D.,

now, Ladybird is the time to fly…’

‘Oh Ladybird: don’t live just a Ladybird life…’

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