Monday, May 11, 2009


Yet again, a song, could be an Original Soundtrack from LEAVING MESOPOTAMIA :D (Imagine its music to be as thrilling as the words are, then I guess you'd be in for a ride!)


‘I started as a scream;

crashing on a stage

that was already set,

rushed beyond a rage

by the British quartet,

made to sound surreal

than what I seem, to be;

thanks to you, my magic mahogany!

Now, I’m just another drop

out of the brimming sea,

I see my future as nothing

but a flickering fantasy,

I don’t know if I’d last a day;

I don’t know how long I’ve got

before ‘they’ make me fade away…’

With ‘all that jazz’ going

flooding the country,

and a contradiction of soul;

crap in form of club,

and a hip-hop hubbub,

heavy metal, heisting in a ‘hole’

without a goal: well

if you’d like to choose,

I’m ready, to give you some heady

Rock’n’Roll Blues…

‘I know you’re working to overthrow

who said that’s gonna make me die?!

there’s high and there’s low,

(it’s not an ‘even flow’)

I’d get back, sans a want to pacify

I’ve always got my ‘folk’; (Whoops!)

wind up and vie,

while they get on a high

without an overdose of coke…’

Isn’t this the stroke, of a master?

Isn’t it making your heartbeat faster…?

What with ‘all that jazz’

up to flooding the country,

tedious techno, taking its toll;

pop prudent to halt,

amidst alternative assault,

and the rappers’ rigmarole;

trust me you’re not a lone recluse,

if you choose, the Rock’n’Roll Blues…

go ahead and pick, (I still stick)

to my Rock‘n’Roll Blues…


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