Saturday, April 11, 2009


I think I need explanations for this one, for sure, lest this goes totally misinterpreted!!! But I don't think I ought to do it, except drop a hint: This isn't a song that blames - it celebrates rather, so don't get misled by negative thoughts. Cheers!!!


A rain, of enigmatic enterprises,

that once entertained my days,

I was pressed on the wall:

frantic for want of some space;

my dynamism, in deep disgrace…

“What’s with the ruse?!

Is she an offer that I can’t refuse…?”

Condescension, climaxing in vain,

my tryst with pretence,

depicting fictitious disdain;

gracious that my lady lay

ahead, along the path I turned,

I guess she’s my windward way:

wouldn’t mind however she spurned…

Getting my kicks, en Route 66,

trudging the terrain as pinpricks,

cruising the Nile; hitchhiking in style;

nothing much fancy, there to see…

But she: She’s my road to El Dorado,

she’s a Frost–fallacy…

Hitting the track to Bethlehem or Medina,

sailing the blood of Karamazov and Karenina,

pausing to pant at a station;

it’s the drive that’s better than the destination…

No different is my affectation;

I seek not to reach your heart,

but the least of a leach, before I depart;

satisfied with the start, sans adieu,

of my journey to you…

I lied about my jigs, en Route 66,

haven’t trekked a terrain since I was 6,

I’ve never crossed the turnstile;

talk about hitchhiking, along the Nile!!!

But I still stand by my fancy,

that she: She’s my road to El Dorado,

she’s a Frost–fallacy…

“You’re my road to El Dorado:

please don’t be, a lost fantasy…”

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