Saturday, October 4, 2008


I must emphasise I did it again, with this poem: This is a song by the way. My second attempt at songs, and the first one completed (I stopped the other deliberately knowing I'm heading the wrong way). And again, I doubt very much, that this could be sung in any time under ten minutes. Probably you ought to cut down on the music score, and take away a few minutes of background music. But that's gonna hamper my song for sure, which means this is gonna be the next November Rain, in terms of Length!!! :D Let's hope you relish the goodbye kiss (And I mean the end of my song, not the picture I posted :D)


A thousand hesitations,

More than a man could ever face;

I felt in a single moment,

My personal End of Days.

Hit high on a frenzy,

Insanity made me sweat;

I sat limp on my old couch,

Sketching on new Blue Velvet…

When an age it takes, to conquer,

For even the mightiest king;

I took a moment for the telephone,

To pick it up and sing:

“Hey.. Girl!

Know you’re feeling sad;

Livid, waiting to break-up,

On your man seen being bad…”

“But Wait!

Need to tell you something before;

That girl’s just another friend,

Baby, you’re something more!”

“Oh Babe!

You’re a mark on my heart!

Indelible, as long as I live,

But if you still wanna part…”

“I’d say okay!

Just for you to know,

That your word’s my mandate,

However far you may try to go…”

“Girl, you’re all my life,

The crystal of my Atlantis;

You don’t know how I’ll miss you,

Oh Baby, give a Goodbye kiss…”

I could sense, I heard her fume,

Could even scent her sweet perfume;

More than a line, she didn’t resume,

“I presume”…”You’ll meet me today…”

I hung up, dazed, looking around,

Echoes in my head resound;

Angel’s given me an extra round,

Of sound… I didn’t know what to say…

‘No problem if she forgives me,

What if she said she didn’t care?

What if she chose to dampen our love

To a friendship… Now how’s that fair?!’


A friend’s just an excuse;

‘Especially when a woman wishes,

It’s sure for no future use!”

“So Honey please, let’s rather part,

A wound’s better, o’er a broken heart;

And, your love lesser will I miss,

If you say goodbye, with a goodbye kiss…”

“Goodbye with a goodbye kiss…”

“Girl, you’re every breath I take,

And every single move I make,

Is for you; for the love we share,

Oh Please don’t tell me you don’t care!!!”

“Baby, give a goodbye kiss…”


“Say goodbye with a goodbye kiss…”

‘I finally met my Angel,

Moments after her call;

In the park, said it’s quieter,

Than the downtown mall’

‘Took no time to get there,

Lot longer to walk;

To hell with the saying, ‘cause

Tough was the walk in the park!’

‘And tougher was it to talk,

Was the wind which spoke for me;

My eyes were a second option,

Hers were for me to see…’

‘Gosh! She was pretty…

Hair blown by the breeze;

Communicating with her brow,

Asking me, “Is it so?”

And I smiled a “Yes”, with ease…’

“You’re in every part of my heart,

Girl! Let’s not stop, let’s just start;

Saying goodbye can never suffice,

Even with a Goodbye kiss…”

‘My! Did I say how her lips align?

In a moment, they were onto mine,

She kissed me… No prior sign,

And stepped back, eyes fully alive…’

‘I said nothing, before and after,

Not deliberately, I didn’t know;

She beat me, saying a single line,

“Goodbye love… Until tomorrow…”’

‘The sweetest words I’ve ever heard,

Thrust me into a state of bliss;

Words better than her best,

Even better was her Goodbye kiss…’


Better was your Goodbye kiss…

Your eyes!

Better was your Goodbye kiss…

Your words!

Better was your Goodbye kiss…


“Girl, you’re all over my heart,

Shall never stop, let’s always start;

Afresh; a goodbye can never suffice,

Even with your Goodbye kiss…”

“At this!

Even with your Goodbye kiss…”

You’re the crystal of my Atlantis…

Hey.. Girl!

Better was your goodbye kiss…

Oh she said goodbye!


Goodbye with a Goodbye kiss…

I worried on my ‘hit or miss’…

Goodbye with a Goodbye kiss…

Goodbye with a Goodbye kiss…

Goodbye with a


This is an original work of P.KARTHIK and any unauthorized use or use without proper permission or documentation or the writer’s consent is a criminal and punishable offence.



Meenakshi Janga said...

Your best plus point is that u express urself uncommonly well. Thee feel of the words and the sheer pleasure of being lost in it is truely amazing. My personal fav.

Bang awn! =)

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

You're being too nice, MJ.. If you ever go through my blog again, you'd know how much you've flattered me :D