Thursday, October 2, 2008


At the beginning of this poem, I told myself that this would be the first time I am going to edit a poem of mine, because all my previous ones have crossed the 100-line barrier, one that's proving to be too much of a hindrance to me. So I sat pre-planned, that this one is surely gonna be a 70-liner: Nothing less, nothing more. And I erred again...

I should not have sat with a mind full of thoughts, I should never have lived with a stuffed mind, stuffed especially in the involuntary part. For again I wrote a hundred and thirty lines: And again I felt I shouldn't edit... Well I could ask you folks to judge for yourself, not much of words to say that! But it takes a whole lot more: Cause 130 lines make a whole page on here!

Still I thought I had to say, for this is the first time I convey, my true feelings: One without love. One a whole lot higher. Something that the world's neglected: Something the world's never wanted to believe. Something I certainly believe in.

Something that can't be real for sure: Something that beyond all this, is actually the truth...

This is how my poem ends: These are the last few lines. Hope you enjoy it: Enjoy it enough to say you truly felt my point :)


“Listen up son, for these could be my last,

My last words ever spoken;

Scream to the world that the force exists,

My conscience thou shalt bear as a token.”

“Never should you believe in a single God,

One’s too good to be true;

It takes a whole lot more for the world to function,

Now, may the force be with you!”

Speechless was I, at his last oration,

Speechless to even utter a goodbye;

Without air enough, to even shed tears,

Seeing the great man at my feet, lie…

Dared I didn’t, to even touch,

With my scientifically tainted hands;

I simply looked at that humble figure,

Overwhelmed by those pure strands…

I closed my eyes, leaking a drop out,

My contribution to the teary sea;

As I thought of questions I never asked,

And things he never said to me…

My tutor… The monk who sold Einstein,

No end can ever exist to his spirituality;

Before I asked, he left me in total trance,

The monk, who sold Einstein - “Amen”, said he…

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