Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is a second poem i manage to string together, and trust me, if this doesn't scare you, then Omega's a kiddy-plaything. And trust me, not many cities have kids playing with guns...

Before i take you through the poem, i must brief you about the context: It's narrated by the voice of the Devil himself, as he describes a task contestants ought to take, that essentially involves a duel, with one killing the other, and if a pair still survives, both'd be given a one way ticket to hell. My idea is to exaggerate on Tavernly duels (Like in Eastwood films) and what if they became so mundane, that they become like contests and even to the horrific extent of becoming a sport, like in the old gladiator days! People laugh at one killing the other, clapping hands, and that's my fantasy world it occurs in...


Lewds gathered, may you all snoop,
For now you’re part of my own boorish coupe;
One of a Dozen is what you’re given
To do what you want, what you’ve striven
For. Five’s all what you’ve got to natter,
No shelling in that, not even a clatter.
Vocal is what’s assigned to you
In that, and that’s what you ought to do,
For rules are meant for you to follow
Even if my call sounds a bit too hollow,
You got to do it, you have no choice;
Contempt’s condemned here, especially of my voice.
So you decide in the five, to live or to let live
As both is impracticable for me to give;
Neither, is a very coaxing choice for me;
And if you both fail, I shalt do it with glee.
So buck up, get your substance flowing,
‘Cause losers get my call, and winners get going…

How was the poem? And i kindly request those who read it to post a comment, for my blog's been visited, but rarely commented upon...


Elvisraja said...

Hey, good one dude! Keep it up!
Too good a from-perspective!

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Hey thanks man! Yeah guess what? It's actually a part of my story and it is spoken by a statue (voice recorded of course) of the devil, and he is the boss of that pub or tavern or whatever where it's taking place. Looks like I'm getting a lot of Kubrick and Gilliam in me eh? lol :D