Thursday, June 12, 2008


Being a poet is something that's always been considered impossible by me, 'cause it asks a lot, and by word, you need to rhyme! Dialogues come thick and fast for me, not rhymy lines, but i must tell you, this one just flew through my mind and I managed to pin it up as a word document, to be posted for public display.

Don't go hoping for Tolkien to show up folks: Be content with somewhere near a Dr.Seuss...
And for your information, this is an intro to a story waiting to be written and not a story in itself so all i can say is WATCH OUT!


What I say now, is taking place,
In a really really funny place;
So funny that you might not laugh at all,
From the rise of my tale to its fall.

Omega’s the funny city, with an even funny name
That signified it’s end, even before my story came
Around; Five bad people, that’s what it’s about
Opposed by a hundred bad eggs, out and out.

No one’s good, no one’s bad they say,
For everyone alive have their own way
Of living their lives good, or living it bad,
But this city had none whatsoever, and that’s so sad.

‘Cause a story always evokes cheers
To the ones who’re good, as opposed to their peers,
Who don’t live like they actually ‘should’
Wouldn’t they, if they actually could?!

The fact’s they can’t and that’s the truth
‘Cause life’s circumstantial, no one’s born uncouth
Which brings me back to our Five,
Who are always together, like bees in a hive,

Stinging anyone who dare touch
Getting their guns blazing, without worrying much
About circumstances, for they know what happens when
You kill one; You alert ninety-nine, then

You need to kill them all, need to stamp ‘em on their faces,
Ah the Five can do it, they can go places;
Knowing Omega every row, every column
Ladies and Gentleman, let me narrate to you, THE SAGA OF THE SOLEMN…

This is the ultimate storyteller of all time at your command,
Not even a dime, is what I demand;
Just your patience and your ears to listen
And your eyes too, for I can make them glisten…

(Not with this story though!)


Indianize the world said...

hey!dinesh here dude("yea the same guy u clashed horns wid)......u don different hats dont u???

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Overstatement man, but anyway, i must admit that my answer's a yes. If you really have the time, i can give you bits of my stuff that i don't post here...

Indianize the world said...

sure da....wd luv ....keep updating and f u find tym read ma blog too....!

Karthik - A David Lynch in the making... said...

Yeah sure man... Will do it with pleasure... Maybe you like the poem man?
Like you understand its context huh?
It's nothing good man. More on the evil side...:D
And that's what i love most when it comes to movies...;)