Friday, June 27, 2008


Hiya folks! I believe that of all the things i had written before, this poem was the thing that gave me the maximum pleasure, and anything that gives a creator maximum pleasure is his best ever. On that note, I intend to introduce to you, a sequel to my previous poem THE SERAPH, which is called AND I SAW YOUR SMILE... Hope you all enjoy it. And this is not just any poem written with the model of a girl in mind, but one that comes straight out of the heart and one that has a secret in it - In Joel's words, it's not 'A normal secret: It's a secret secret' and those who wish to know what the secret secret is all about, can approach and ask me quite freely by EMAIL because secrets are not to be disclosed in as heavily-visited site as this is!!!

P.S: Don't go all mad at me putting a display picture of Bergman. Just asked for a beautiful smile in a search engine. It blessed me with her... :D
And one more thing: This phrase of I SAW YOUR SMILE is not new to me, but one thing that I had mentioned earlier and that could very well be a clue to my secret hunt...


She walked, she walked; down the boulevard,

The murky nocturne, never a retard,

The Star of David needs no directions, they say

And she shone like it too, illuminating her own way.

Packing dark voids with a piece of the sun,

Traipsed along did she, stunning everyone

As they stared; striking ‘em dumb was she,

With not her lantern but her charisma, dear me!

A mistake it is that I said, that her own light’s what she bestowed,

The fault is not mine: Obscurity is a screech-owl’s abode;

Closer she advanced: Now enough to make out her face;

To trace her nose, her lips and her passionate gaze.

Irony always plays a funny part, and this is where it came;

The boys beside saw none that I saw, but what’s ‘conspicuous’ in the dame.

Yes in the end I did indicate to them this,

To which one replied cheekily, “This dame’s not your sis!”

“Sure!” I divulged, amidst cackles, sniggers and a distinct cough,

And while doing this, seldom did I take my eyes off

Her, for my intention was to be looked at too and not just look,

And believe me folks; a second was all that it took,

For her vision-trail to flounce through me,

Searching for an exception, it’s choice immersing me in glee;

And then my fellows, I saw the vista of the day,

For in the lantern’s glow, I glimpsed her lips sway,

Curving upwards into a glorious smile,

A sight that delighted me; one that drove me a mile!

I saw your smile lady; and I enjoyed its bliss,

Which is better – Way better than an embrace or even a kiss…

P.S.S. Anyone reads this, (The concerned person) copy this to MS word, and start reading vertically down, only those letters which perfectly match, and about the font and the alignment, please ask me :)

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