Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm not going to say I never left.

Don't know what I was waiting for, either. A certain pattern of stage, maybe, a south-bias or a westward slant, I don't know. I've always been doing things as they crossed my mind, so I guess it's time that needs to be questioned, as to why it didn't want me to write on here before. All the same, I'm not taking all the blame away from me, I think my contribution to my absence has been but one thing: I didn't want to see what I was. I didn't think I was as competent as I am, and I thought any trace of an insufficient 'me' needs to be avoided, first degree. I didn't quite fancy erasing what's been written because it's a representation of my past and how I've evolved and no, that's not right. I don't think I evolved, I think it was a rebound, sort of, a drastic change in too short a span and that distinguishes 'My Book of Rhymes' from this, and I believed I was safe over there when I was suddenly struck by the thought that said, why not get back and you know, shuttle a little.

I seconded that thought. So here I am.

"This morning,
there's a calm I can't explain,
rock-candy's melted
only diamonds now remain..."

- 'CLARITY', John Mayer. 'Heavier things'.

I'm not saying this is going to be yet another incarnation, this is just a part of me that's been shying away for a while and it took me a lot of brute strength to bring it to the front of the stage and yeah, it's up to that part from now on, the rest of me has nothing to do with it.

Hope you guys have fun.

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