Thursday, October 22, 2009


Five lines hardly makes a piece of poetry deserve a place in my 'Book of Rhymes', and these five particularly are... disastrous, yeah. A cause of devastation for a couple of days, and I'm posting them here just to get rid of them from my computer. And it's not the poem itself that irks me, it's rather the effect it was supposed to create, which it didn't and this disappointment, well, is an intolerable disease, and I think I'm good being short of it. Although I wish the world got sensible enough to appreciate five lines Alexander Pope would have dreaded to see in his life.

Something that hits him on the face. Something that doesn't prove him wrong, but tells him how incredibly narrow minded he had been when regarding the concept of 'Eternal Sunshine' (goes to you too, Messrs. Gondry and Kaufman!) and something that establishes how I view things. And something that shows I've just begun to think of reading Derrida. :P

"Only as happy would the vestals be,
as inhabitants of this idiosyncrasy;
for in forgetfulness, if heaven lies,
what use is an Eternal Sunshine,
without room for a rise...?"

P.S. Written not as a nature-freak, please do not misinterpret. Thank you.

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