Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dumb day, really dumb day. Sparks of happiness flying around that saved me from being drowned by rain, and I've thanked the source already, pretty electric. But here's who actually cleared the sky for me.

I clicked one when she was looking, but in the end, this looked better, so here we go. I guess this is going to be my response to everyone who sighs when I disapprove of a top-class model or a heart-throb heroine, or a downright sex symbol. This, to me, is what true beauty is. Something that can sweep one off his feet. She swept me off my feet.


Elisa said...

she's adorable :)

*Veni* said...

She is really cute (: No wonder she swept you off your feet.


Julie said...

The world is so nice because of the children.