Thursday, March 12, 2009


My fiftieth post... In style ;)


What does it take to bring

a brimming dynasty to lose head?

What does it take to kick

his kingship out, and instate,

in state a runty reverend, instead?

I happen to have a tale,

one suffocating stale,

and certainly, not young:

A ‘Roman Rhapsody’,

sumptuously sung...

Sly, since the moment, he

hopped out of her womb,

Gracious, when he asked

for an untimely tomb,

around her to be built;

topping in treason,

as without right reason,

he did away with another,

slaying his near-brother,

too gallant, to bear guilt;

He never was one ‘van der bilt’...

And the time when

Regal Rome was on fire,

He had not, in him

the least bit of desire,

to have engorged, the flame;

to stand with his people

and succumb to the same...

It’s common fact, that

as his city burned, Nero fiddled;

but not a lot know,

that he fiddled with the wife

Sabina, of Poor Otho!

Oh, but this is not a spoof!

for it’s the story of the life,

of a Fiddler,

under the roof...

My words aren’t intended

to be of cutting contempt,

(Not that he was better,

the greedy go-getter...)

I’m not being cold;

for this is just my attempt

to tell the greatest story

almost never told...

Not the same case with him;

On his back he sat, the Autocrat,

And had the world dance to his whim...

It’s common fact, that

as his city burned, Nero fiddled;

not just with an unlawful wife,

but with the life,

of one too many;

instigating a future Karl and Lenny...

I said it once, and I say it again,

that this is not just a spoof;

for this is a story of the wretched life,

of a Fiddler,

under the roof...

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