Friday, March 6, 2009


Thought of this to be my next addition (sixth) to RAINBOW REIGN, but turns out this wouldn't be very suitable. So apparently I don't have much of a problem publicizing this one :)


You call them eyes...?

For if she were not on two feet,

or a little less incomplete,

I’d have doubted her,

to be Bambi in disguise;

A source of steroidal rise...

I felt a strangle, on my tie;

virtual wizard, down on luck,

quite a while since my last buck,

I felt a succumb of sanity,

as I saw tears go by:

It was torture to see her cry...

A mind for music, my worn-out guitar

and my newest, shining star,

from an apparently dark night,

a bit of manly might, left in me,

she stirred up a song

of sweet melancholy...

“Surly-Curly girl, smile...

Lest you want to break

me down for a while;

let your lament be a

storm to a silent sea,

and totter down to me...”

A whiff of her hair, and

I was out of my despair

in no time at all –

a neo Neanderthal,

on earth, until a dearth

of mental clarity,

I hugged her close to me...

“Surly-Curly girl, smile...

Stand on your toes and

pierce those clouds in style;

For, on the other side,

there’s our little miss sunshine,

with her golden-leaved tree,

waiting for you; waiting for me...”

My tussle with a tousled tantrum,

had stayed so long,

and would still prolong

for years to come;

working its magic, in

more than just a modicum;

my bittersweet sorcery,

she wouldn’t remember,

next November,

when she turns three;

I know I wouldn’t fuss...

And that’s because:

My surly-curly girl smiled...

with that she had me

turned to a child;

when taken off my hand,

she took my pain, with her,

fumigated with fervour…

Her dope of a hope said

that she’d be with me,

through every deed, that I do;

that she’d never bid me adieu...

I saw myself reconciled,

from being wild;

when my Surly-Curly girl


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