Sunday, September 27, 2009


I don't think I'm going to be any elaborate this time, because the information involved isn't a mile long, it's just that I've created a new blog called 'MY BOOK OF RHYMES' for the exact same thing it's designated as: For 'My Book of Rhymes', which is a lyrical album to be, and it's not just that for I'd be posting everything, ranging from those behind the scenes to the lyrics themselves. The link is:

Both 'Book of Rhymes' and 'Back Porch Poet' come from the same Mayer song, namely 'New Deep', and it's not a Mayerification of me, it's just that we're co-evolving, only that he's not aware of it :D And loyalty would always stop me from leaving this blog of mine where I began, so I guess I'd be dropping by as frequent as previously (meaning once or twice a month) and I wish that wouldn't be disappointing to the 'audience' I have. :P


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