Thursday, September 10, 2009


Some affectation, eh? I have to say that I'm blogging this unfinished piece only because I hate how mundane I sound in it, and because I'm going to try to give it a wholly new dimension, with a trace of credulity and genuineness perhaps. And regarding the picture, well... 'Hell's Angels' is supposed to be a motion picture that Howard Hughes is credited for producing (At least, going by what Scorsese told the world in his bullshit biopic 'The Aviator') and I don't know what made me choose the title even: It has no heartfelt relevance whatsoever, and looking at it only makes me feel bad that I too had written something totally for the sake of writing, and without an inchling of heart, and wow... I feel guilty.

This isn't a riddance to my guilt, though. I guess this is pretty much the contrary: A reminder of what I too have been and shouldn't be. Which again brings me to the concept of the picture, for this could be the only post of mine after fifty or so, that doesn't have a picture, because well... I'm not entitled to use a picture that's relevant to the context of this piece. It's not a royalty issue, it's a whole lot more, and all I can say is, when I wasn't entirely allowed to write it in the first place, let alone a constraint in blogging it, I can't really think of sharing the awe that I felt :P

So, here's what I should never have written.


I open the windows of the

house that I have in my room,

a pair of plastic facing the

flicker of the dome my tomb,

I’m satisfied with the view;

Good German walls take a break

from some psychedelic rock,

as the bell rings, there’s a yell

and an accompanying knock,

I guess I’m getting something

that’s long been overdue...

Looks like Hell’s Angel’s been let out,

with a pair of sunglasses, which I wish

she’d smile without; a requiem for my

dream of a diamond bequest:

A tease of a taunt, from the treasure chest;

I don’t say that I think she’s seventeen,

I don’t think she’s fair, I don’t think she’s

ever been; I don’t say that I know everything

about her and her golden rule:

I just find the angel from Hell to be cool...

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