Thursday, June 25, 2009


Attention journalists (if you know to read) this is sort of a disclaimer that claims that this isn't an edited piece so if you're looking for a point in this statement it's just that I'm not lame as you geese are, because I don't have a third party poring over my works, and even if they did I'm not dumb enough to not be able to differentiate 'prodigality' from 'prodigiousness' and though this dumb thing's underlining the word in red, I don't care because I've counter checked (unlike you, whoever I'm referring to :P).

Well firstly, before i get into the actual topic, I guess I have a problem because the person I allude to isn't gonna read as creative a blog as mine, she (oops!) would rather go for Harsha Bhogle I guess, but anyway I don't mind at least I'm venting out my emotions which, otherwise, would result in burning of yet another 12 pages' worth shit as well as soot on my gas stove (technically, my mother's, but never mind). Yet, I am taking measures to make sure that the concerned person reads this, (if she doesn't, it's not my misfortune it's just her lucky escape and I'd really be grateful if anyone of you who read this care enough to dunk the information into an apparently empty head) so if YOU are reading this, THIS is what I want to tell you...

(What comes below isn't an own version 'sadly', but a straight lift from this 'amazingly helpful' website called 'www'' where I'm sure you can quadruple-check, so you needn't heap me with your bullshit and hence - just read)

Prodigal - prod-i-gal:


1. Rashly or wastefully extravagant. prodigal expenditures on unneeded weaponry; 'drown away this stigma of prodigality' - 'my worst nightmare' by Roshan George Thomas (If you're reading this by chance, I'm still a fan, mate, and I'm sorry)
2. Giving/given in abundance, lavish or profuse: prodigal praise noun. One who's given to wasteful luxury or extravagance.

adv. prodigally

Prodigious - pro-di-gious:


1. Impressively great in size, or force, or extent; enormous. a prodigious storm

2. Extraordinary, marvelous; a prodigious talent

3. Obsolete (meaning it's not that obvious) Portentuous, ominous;

pro-di'gious-ly: adv.
pro-di'gious-ness: noun.

So, if anyone had read page 10 of 'THE HINDU - NXG' (an incredible weekly with an equally incredible staff that explore extremely innovative topics ranging from 'Drug abuse' to 'Sexuality' and 'Sexual choices') they'd know who I'm referring to, and I'm sure her 'breakthrough' didn't do Jesse Owens proud (even a bit!) for I don't know how he was a prodigal talent and I know for sure she couldn't know about his 'prodigality' because neither did he have enough on him to be classified as anything close to a 'spendthrift', nor did this posh princess live at that time to see Adolf Hitler treat the man with disrespect (he handed him the medal, not hanging it on his neck - sorry for the lack of subtlety, I think things need to be said 'direct') so anyway, as this is proving to be a personal attack on a 'goofball' reporter who didn't graduate her English class (OMG, that was so San Fransisco!!! *just for the rhyme*) and who apparently hasn't sense enough to ask people the right questions ('young like us' isn't getting anyone a pulitzer, and neither is she 'Stephen Glass' and again, I insult a man...) and actually wrote that Sachin Tendulkar's 142 amidst a 'Desert Storm' (name of the chapter in Gulu Ezekiel's version of the man's life) was his 'breakthrough act' when clearly he had a pretty smooth career to have highs and lows and the only thing that stopped him for a moment from hogging the limelight being his captaincy and the match-fixing issue, I really think I have to make her read this... Can I get some help, people? :P

So, I don't know... This could be my vengeance against the newspaper for not publishing my review of one of the greatest films of all time in their 'classic films' section - Ozu's TOKYO STORY (and for calling 'Four Weddings and a funeral' as a classic!) or a personal vendetta against shitty work involving skating over the basics and seriously, I think the girl needs an English course (not for speaking, of course, don't suggest FLUENTZY! :P) and I most definitely am not willing to teach her... Well, every 'dog' has its day (I'd be fired at by my own 'censor board' - that's my dad - if I use the feminine form of it) and maybe someone would pick her up for a proper scrub, so yeah...

I don't know if there'd be spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in what I've written until now, I'm not going back to check, so I think I need to be genuinely forgiven for those ;)

(not her though - throw her in the dungeon! :D :D :D)

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