Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's a momentary source of inspiration that made me write this thing. the first thing I thought about when I saw the title called 'THE KEYS TO THE STREET' was something like a house where the people are stuck inside and want a key to get out. And here's what resulted.


I had thought the tumbledown house was

inhabited by none, save for a field mouse,

still I walk up to the door and knock;

A shudder at sounds of footsteps inside,

retreat at the prospect of a vocal override,

curiosity busted by mad anger, and shock;

“O mortal soul, come help us out,

we’ve been trapped inside a 1000 years;

on a sullen shoal, death taking toll,

we’re fighting friends, fearing our fears;

fidgeting for life in a fickle furore,

Oh mighty one, we can stand it no more!

so please, slide the keys to the street,

under the door…”

“For as long as our internal tenure

we’ve never been a united lot;

and togetherness, it never was a lure,

what never was cannot be forgot!

Now we feel the need for amends to stew,

what say you? (awaiting your review!)”

When there’s a rebellion in the wake,

fear-forsake, it’s a door you must break!

“O condemned crowd, pay heed”, I said,

“there’s an autocratic army to pierce;

call out loud, arouse the living dead,

stoke your fires to dry your own tears;

command your courage than implore,

wait no more, for someone

to slide the keys to the street,

under your door…”

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